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Clubhouse has three different Work Units: Business & Clerical, Member Services, and Kitchen & Maintenance. Below, is a quick glance into some of the general activities within these Units and there are many more jobs available from which a Member could choose.


Business & Clerical Work Unit consists of office related duties such as:


  • Data Entry - Enter the attendance information onto the Clubhouse computer database and print out the information to be checked.

  • Data Checking - Double-check the attendance information to ensure the records are accurate and complete.

  • Filing - Use the filing system to file all the paperwork that has been double-checked into the appropriate folder.

  • Research - Use the computer to research topics for Clubhouse meetings and Personal Skills Development (PSD) Workshops

  • Typing - Use the computer to type out information for meetings and activities.

  • Reception Desk - Answer phones, take messages, manage Sign-In sheets (ensure that everyone has signed in), assist other Members with coat and bag checking and welcome all visitors to the Clubhouse.

  • Daily Cash-Out and Banking - Count the money in the Kitchen cash register daily and then deposit it into the Admin office safe. Count the money in the safe monthly in order to make a bank deposit by both Members and Staff on the last business day.

  • Work Unit Upkeep - Organize, clean and sanitize all desks, tables, doorknobs, and light switches, vacuum the Work Unit area, and water all plants.



Member Services is a Work Unit that focuses on Member Outreach and developing a variety of housing, employment, and education resources, and also running the Thrift Shop.


  • Create Birthday and Outreach Cards - Use the card-making program on the computer to generate Birthday and supportive Outreach cards for other Members, set out the cards at Reception for attending Members to sign and write positive messages.

  • Research Housing - Use the computer to find affordable housing, type out the details of the available housing and print the information to be posted on the Housing Board.

  • Research Employment Opportunities - Use the computer to find suitable and available jobs to be posted on the Employment Board.

  • Flyer Research - Search through grocery store flyers and cut out good sales and coupons to be posted for Members.

  • Update Notification Boards - Post new job listings and available housing on their respective notice boards and remove old listings. Post flyer promotions and coupons on their respective notice boards and remove out-of-date sales and expired coupons.

  • Thrift Shop - Wash all of the new clothing donations using the washing machine, organize and hang up clothing in the Thrift Shop, tidy the area by sweeping and dusting.

  • Newsletter - Work with a Staff person to create the design, layout, and articles for the monthly "News and Views" newsletter. 


Kitchen & Maintenance Work Unit offers a great breakfast and lunch every single day.


  • Cook - Learn recipes and how to prep and cook meals while working in a team setting with other Members and Staff.

  • Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping - Work with a Staff person to plan future menus and shop for the necessary supplies.

  • Food Sales - Use the cash register at the Food Service window to handle money and take orders, sign-up other Members for meals, and manage "meal cards".

  • Washing and Drying Dishes - Use the sinks and dish washer to wash dirty dishes up to the Clubhouse's high standards, assist by putting away clean dishes and cutlery back to their respective storage areas.

  • Food and Kitchen Supplies Inventory - Keep inventory of the supplies currently stocked up in the kitchen and supplies that are running low that will need to be purchased.

  • Serving - Serve meals directly to other Members who are seated at tables in a respectful, timely and professional manner.

  • Sweep and Mop - After meals have been served, work with others to do a thorough sweep and mop throughout the Kitchen Unit and clean up any messes.

  • Restock and Clean Washrooms - Clean the sinks and floors of the washrooms, sanitize the doorknobs and light switches, and restock paper towel, toilet paper, and hand soap.

  • Clean the Dining Room - Sanitize all the dining tables and counters, and vacuum or floor sweep the dining room after meals.


   *** Members have the opportunity to take FoodSafe Training and receive Certification.

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