Work Units

Clubhouse has 3 different Work Units: Business & Clerical, Member Services, and Kitchen & Maintenance. Below, is a quick glance into some of the general activities within these Units and there are many more jobs available from which a Member can choose.


Business & Clerical Work Unit consists of office related duties such as:


  • Data Entry

  • Data Checking

  • Research

  • Typing

  • Reception: answering phones, taking messages, managing sign in book

  • Writing cheques to pay all Clubhouse invoices, daily cashout and bank deposits

  • Watering plants and Work Unit upkeep



Member Services is a Work Unit that focuses on housing, employment, education, and running the Thrift Shop.


  • Researching housing

  • Researching employment opportunities, creating resumes

  • Applications for school courses or programs

  • Thrift Shop: laundry, pricing, cleaning up the store

  • Creating birthday and outreach cards on the computers

  • Newsletter: assisting in layout, writing articles and photography


Kitchen & Maintenance Work Unit offers a great breakfast and lunch every single day.


  • Learn to prep and cook nutritious and declicious meals

  • Menu planning and grocery shopping

  • Food purchasing: managing cash and meal cards, and meal sign up

  • Washing and drying dishes 

  • Food and kitchen supplies inventory

  • Customer Service

  • Sweeping and mopping

  • Restocking and cleaning washrooms

  • Wiping tables and counters

  • Vacuuming


   * Members have the opportunity to take Food SafeTraining and receive Certification.