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Clubhouse Winnipeg is a psychosocial rehabilitation agency providing a caring community of hope and opportunity for people recovering from mental illness. Our focus is on developing programming which enhances the beneficial relationships between social factors (friends and social network) and its positive impact on individual thought and behaviour. Clubhouse Winnipeg was established in 1999 and is funded by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.




Our Model is based on the recognition that recovery from serious mental illness is possible and must involve the whole person in a friendly and supportive community. Clubhouse provides many structured program opportunities from which to choose and which promote teamwork and individual self-confidence. There are now hundreds of Clubhouses worldwide which help Members achieve a sense of belonging and becoming productive Members of society.


For more information about the Clubhouse Model, visit Clubhouse International




At Clubhouse, Members participate in their own recovery process by working and socializing together in a mutually supportive, holistic, and non-clinical setting. Our focus is on advancing each person’s strengths, talents and aspirations which builds self-esteem and contributes to successful and independent community living.

We offer:

  • A place to come

  • A place to develop and nurture meaningful relationships

  • Meaningful work

  • A place to return


This results in:

  • Increased self-respect and self-worth

  • Increased self-confidence based on daily accomplishments

  • Renewed hope and faith in self and others

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