Clubhouse is open to adults over 18 with a mental health diagnosis, a referral from a mental health professional, and a willingness to participate in the community.
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What Clubhouse Offers

Consistent Place
Members know that Clubhouse is a consistent space they can come any day Monday to Friday and experience understanding, acknowledgment, support, and community.
Health & Nutrition
A healthy consistent diet and nutrition play a role everyone's well-being. Clubhouse's kitchen, supported by the participation of members themselves, serves an affordable breakfast and lunch.
Assistance in Navigating Government and Non-Profit Systems & Supports
Members at Clubhouse can receive assistance as they navigate a wide array of government and non-profit application processes, departments, and bureaucracies.
Practical Skills Development
Skills, work experience, and support in entering or re-entering the workforce and seeking job and volunteer opportunities.
Life Skills
Whether informally or through our programming, members can learn more about budgeting, scheduling, hygiene, home care, and more.
Forming Participatory Habits
Participation in daily responsibilities builds accountability and healthy habits. Members are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the various activities.
Recreation & Arts Programming
Members have the chance to work out in our fitness area, and work on art projects in a wide range of mediums to help build confidence and self expression.
Friendships & Fun
Members destress through friendships, games, and daily activities. By accepting and encouraging each other, members thrive and live independent and fulfilling lives.
Knowledge & Support Sharing
 Members and staff accept and support each other through the ups and downs of life. Everyone is given the opportunity to share skills and knowledge with each other.
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A Day at Clubhouse

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