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Clubhouse Winnipeg follows the Clubhouse International model of psychosocial rehabilitation which has evolved since the late 1940s. This approach encourages all Members to contribute by participating in meaningful and necessary work and other growth opportunities at the Clubhouse while simultaneously learning new skills and creating new friendships.


The Clubhouse is structured into three different Work Units: Business & Clerical Work Unit, Member Services Work Unit, and the Kitchen & Maintenance Work Unit. Each Work Unit is responsible for different jobs that are essential to the daily operation of the Clubhouse and Members choose the Unit where they wish to contribute their time and energy.


At the Clubhouse, Members and Staff - as colleagues - work side-by-side in all areas. This makes for a productive and

easy-going work environment that is both enjoyable and easy to learn in.  Knowledge gained over time while working in the various Units contributes to developing employability skills that can be transferred to paid employment opportunities in the community. Members can expand their knowledge and choose to take on progressively challenging opportunities every day in our supportive and encouraging environment. Daily, everyone contributes their talents and abilities while exploring new work and social learning experiences in our friendly and casual Clubhouse atmosphere.

To view our typical Monday to Friday Clubhouse Schedule...

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