"This place gave me the courage to share my music and go to school."

"I keep coming to Clubhouse because it gives my day structure and my life hope and purpose."


"When I was in the hospital, the Clubhouse Staff were some of the only people who called me, this showed me that the Staff care."

"Clubhouse has made me more social; it is like the spark that lights the fire of ambition."


"I especially feel appreciative in that Clubhouse was able to get me an apartment at Fountain Springs. With regards to my past living conditions, it is like night and day."

"When a place feels like home, you want to look after it and have it look the best it can. To me, Clubhouse and Fountain Springs are my home."


"Clubhouse makes you feel wanted and valued, so definitely try it out!"

"Without Clubhouse, I would be on the streets, in jail or dead. Clubhouse saved my life."

"Clubhouse has been great in reminding me that I am not the first person to need help learning a job. That gave me confidence from the beginning."


"If I didn't have Clubhouse I would be sleeping all day, doing nothing. Clubhouse is hope."