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Clubhouse Winnipeg is a supportive and non-clinical community centre for people living with mental illness in the Winnipeg region. We are dedicated to assisting adults in their recovery by offering opportunities for our Members to experience the joy of learning, working and playing in harmony with others while contributing their talents within a community of friendship and mutual support.


In our caring community of hope and new possibilities, our Members are welcomed and encouraged to attend daily and to participate in the various vocational, fitness, social/recreational and personal development activities essential for the day-to-day operation of the Clubhouse. By applying themselves on a voluntary basis in our Work Ordered Day, our Members can develop the skills, attitudes and perseverance necessary to lead fulfilling and independent lives of dignity and hope.


At Clubhouse Winnipeg, Members take control of their day and reclaim their lives by choosing when they want to come, how they want to help in the Work Units and who they want to work and speak with. Each Member is valued for their uniqueness and everyone is sincerely wanted, needed and appreciated.


The upbeat team spirit at Clubhouse Winnipeg has the effect of defeating the isolation and alienation that accompanies mental illness and which too often can lead to tragic results. 


Since the first Clubhouse opened in New York in the late 1940s, this model has contributed to the restoring lives and renewing hope for countless people around the world !  


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