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At Clubhouse Winnipeg, everyone is invited to participate in our Personal Skills Development Workshops (PSD) which take place every Thursday Morning at 11:00 am in the Dining Room. Planning for this Workshop actually starts one week earlier at a Planning Group Meeting. Clubhouse Members and Staff first brainstorm and map out an outline for the presentation. Throughout the remainder of the week, Members and Staff will research and create a casual and interactive PowerPoint presentation. The day of the Workshop, everyone at the meeting is encouraged to contribute to the conversation. We typically end each PSD Workshop with a relevant and comical video clip from the internet to playfully highlight and sum up the topic of the day.


As mentioned above, Members and Staff first get together every Wednesday morning at 11:00 a.m. for the PSD Planning Group which is led by both a Staff and a Member who highlight talking points. Everyone in attendance has the opportunity to help shape and develop the content of the next PSD presentation. The Planning Group encourages Members not only to suggest topics they are interested in researching, but also follow through and actually complete the project.


Members learn PowerPoint skills as they work with Staff to research and put together presentations. When the workshops take place, they are also delivered by both a Member and a Staff as a team. Presenting and participating at all Clubhouse meetings gives Members the opportunity to improve their self-expression, public speaking and leadership skills!


Lively conversations are always the result.  All people present are encouraged to comment and share their opinions and experiences which allows everyone to better appreciate each other’s point of view. By this exercise, people acquire practical knowledge which may be applicable to their own lives and which helps to develop their confidence.   


Our PSD Workshops have been increasingly popular, with even more Members volunteering to help create and lead the group discussion!  It is inspiring to see our Members making progress and becoming increasingly comfortable and at ease as they gain skills and confidence in presenting information and responding spontaneously to the comments of others.



For example, some of our most popular topics for discussion have included...


  • Coping Skills For Depression (Part l & ll)

  • Quitting Smoking

  • Living with Diabetes

  • Managing Anxiety (Part l & ll)

  • Budgeting

  • Shopping and Cooking on a Budget

  • Living More Independently




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