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New Members:


Individuals join the Clubhouse because they have decided to move forward in their recovery and lead a more fulfilling and productive life.  If you are committed to working in harmony with others as part of our Work Ordered Day, and have a goal of returning to paid employment or to school, you will find that the Clubhouse has much to offer.


Membership is voluntary and free to any adult 18 years of age or older who:


  • Has a primary diagnosis of a mental illness.

  • Is interested in attending and participating in the activities of our Agency in co-operation with all others at Clubhouse.

  • Is able to get to Clubhouse.

  • Refrains from alcohol or non-prescription drug use while in attendance.

  • Does not pose a threat to self or others in the Clubhouse community.

  • Has an interest and the ability to move towards paid employment in the community.


Returning Members:


  • As Members move forward with their lives, the Clubhouse continues to be available as a long-term support.

  • Whether a Member is employed in the community, has been hospitalized or has left and returned to our City, they are always welcome to attend our Clubhouse. The only condition is that they be considerate, respectful and willing to work in harmony with all others in our environment.

  • Members can always receive assistance with entitlements, crisis intervention, housing, employment, education and advocacy.


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