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Clubhouse Winnipeg is Manitoba’s first and only psychosocial rehabilitation agency based on the Fountain House Model which originated in New York City in the late 1940s. There are hundreds of Clubhouses helping adults to reclaim their lives throughout the world.


In The Beginning...

For several years in the 1990s, a number of concerned and determined parents and other family members, professionals, consumers, and other community stakeholders lobbied various Ministers of Health in the Government of Manitoba to secure the funds necessary to start up the first Clubhouse in the Winnipeg Region.


Meeting The Need...

These passionate and dedicated advocates recognized that there was a major gap in services available for adults with severe and persistent mental illness in the Winnipeg Region. Although connected with other mental health resources, these founding individuals were frustrated. They realized that adults with a psychiatric diagnosis in Winnipeg lacked a safe, positive and supportive environment where they could attend daily. This group understood that a Clubhouse was necessary in order to provide a range of meaningful work, educational and social opportunities and services to encourage and enhance the recovery of their loved ones.


Success At Last...

Finally, late in 1998, after years of public presentations and petitions, the necessary start-up funding was granted by the Province of Manitoba. The search began for a suitable location, and eventually our present and ideal location was identified and secured. Renovations began in January 1999 and were completed by the end of June. Our doors opened officially just after Canada Day in July of 1999. Since then, we have been operating on a Monday to Friday, full-time basis.


Furthermore, we have also been open every Christmas Day since December 25, 2000 to celebrate with our Members and guests and to enjoy a great meal and singing Christmas carols while enjoying a volunteer band !

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