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Who would benefit most from Clubhouse Membership?


Any adult 18 and older with a history of mental illness who is committed to moving forward in their recovery, and who is willing to work in harmony with others, would be a good candidate for Clubhouse Membership.


Individuals who want to contribute to and participate in the Clubhouse, and who have the goal of returning to paid employment or to school, would find that Clubhouse has much to offer.


Is there a cost to be a Member at Clubhouse?


No, there is no Membership fee.


Does anyone actually live at the Clubhouse?


No, the Clubhouse is a community-based Agency that operates during the day Monday to Friday. Most of our Members live independently in the community.


Will I get paid for the work I do at Clubhouse?


Participation and attendance is voluntary. Members are not paid for the work they do at Clubhouse, however, joining in enhances growth and well-being and can lead to increased independence.


All work in the Clubhouse is designed to help Members regain self-worth, purpose, and confidence and acts as a stepping stone to either paid employment or further education in the community.


Is the Clubhouse like a drop-in centre?


At a "drop-in centre" everything is done for you and there is no opportunity to apply yourself. 


At Clubhouse, our day is positively structured with a very casual and friendly atmosphere. Members contribute their talents and abilities - side-by-side with Staff - in order for our agency to operate fully every day.


At the Clubhouse, we do not do things for you, but we work with you, so that each person can develop the skills and attitudes necessary for successful independent living.


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