Art Program

The Art Program began at Clubhouse approximately 5 years ago and has been run by the Member who initiated the acitivity. Each year, this Member has applied for a grant from the West Broadway Community Organization to purchase supplies for this program. This Member has taken the lead in ordering supplies, arranging different art projects to work on, and maintaining the overall operation of the program.


The Art Program is available to all Members on Friday afternoons starting at 1:20 PM until approximately 2:45 PM. Examples of projects that have been created are masks, paper mache, and collaging, painting, etc. Members are able to use any supplies from the Art Program during Friday's social recreation time to make any creation they desire. Clubhouse has created a small gallery space to display artwork and Members are able to keep their art here as long as they like or take it home!


New ideas for art projects are always welcomed and encouraged!